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Hi! I am a final-year master’s student at School of Global Health, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. I received my Bachelor of Medicine from the School of Public Health, Anhui Medical University. I am currently looking for Ph.D. positions starting in 2024 Fall in the U.S. and Europe. My research interests are next-generation sequencing, public health, bioinformatics, and machine learning. If you are interested in any research collaboration with me, drop me an email and I would love to chat.



Label combination in cause-of-death analysis

We focus on cause-of-death analysis where post-training label combination is important if we want to yield appropriately ambiguous results without sacrificing essential information. Existing label combination methods are designed exclusively for classification tasks, so we need to extend them to tasks with a different loss like cause-of-death analysis. Our key design is to formulate the label combination problem as a new optimization problem with a proposed regularizer to control the combination degree.

Microbiota and antibiotic resistance genes at human-pig-soil interface

figure1 Mapping microbial connectivity of people, animals and their environment. [LeftFig-HighRes] [RightFig-HighRes]

We propose a unique design and epidemiological environment to sample workers, pigs, and soil from 5 farms. Our analytical pipeline includes genome assembly programs, taxonomic classifiers, read mappers, and pathway reconstruction tools. This hybrid assembly approach has lower error rates, produces more contiguous assemblies, generates metagenomic assembled genomes, and allows for the reconstruction of near-complete genomes.

A survey of antibiotic resistance from a One Health perspective

figure2 Transmission of antibiotic resistance genes at the human-animal-environment interfaces. [LeftFig-HighRes] [RightFig-HighRes]

One Health is a holistic approach to understand the complex relationships among humans, animals, and environments. This paper depicts the main pathogen spectrum of livestock and animal products, summarizes the flow of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and genes between humans and livestock along the food-chain production. With One Health framework, we advocate that multi-disciplinary efforts should be enhanced to solve this global concern on antimicrobial resistance.